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Hobbitisis is a degenerative disease which causes an otherwise healthy person to shrink gradually over a period of time, usually several years. The shrinkage is usually unnoticeable due to the length of time over which it happens. Additional effects of hobbitisis include squinting resulting in a need to wear glasses; increased hair growth particularly on hands, feet, arms & legs; slower speach & difficulty understanding English & jokes. A person suffering from Hobbitisis will usually form strong bonds with small birds and isolate herself from Society with the exception of one person who usually devotes his entire life to catering to this person. Very, very rarely neither of these people has a life or any sort of circle of friends. Sad, but true unfortunately.
Fub would always call Bub up and tell him that she was feeling particularly unwell due to her Hobbitisis. He would then spend the day going to the chemist to get her cold medication, to Starbucks to get her favourite coffee and then sit outside her Hobbit-dwelling until she felt like seeing him. He then fixed her phone and TV, cleaned up after the bird and left to go home only to be summoned back through vicious, mean and spiteful Hobbit-text messages. Extreme eating can often complicate the disease resulting in Heffer-Hobbitisis. A person grows disproportionately short and fat.
by Toad Loves Kit Kat March 06, 2010
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