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A short, short tempered, short sighted female with colossal thighs and a malicious, unpleasant attitude that bears a resemblance to an imaginary being with hairy feet from the lord of the ring trilogy.
Wow, that girl Grace sure is a hobbitch!
by Really_KG? May 02, 2009
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hobbitch /HAW - bich/ n. (pl. hobbitches)
1. a short, evil-mannered female who sustains her life by destroying the happiness of others and converting it into sexual pleasure.
2. a bitch that resembles a hobbit.
3. any short filipino woman who takes pleasure in emasculating men and collecting shiny objects, especially those that can be jammed into the drive of a PS2.
4. any short woman named Roxanne.

NOTE: I created this word myself: it is the bastard child of the words hobbit (from the Lord of the Rings -- short, furry humanoids with big feet and a love of weed) and bitch(a short, furry human with big feet and a trendy "love" for weed to impress people)

also see: succubus
Last night I peed in Roxanne's hair, she is such a hobbitch.
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