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Ho Force are the subtle or out right powers of gold diggers, strippers, and hookers. Often using their looks or sex to bilk money from weaker males and those who they can use to further their own lifestyle.
Obiwon: "Your Ho Force powers don't work on me Jessaho. You must find another smuck to bilk of their paycheck. And by the way you're fat!"

Jessaho: "You, Obiwon, will succumb to my charms as a 3rd degree Ho of the Sith."

Obiwon: "Your Ho Force powers do not influence the force around me. Be off you ugly wench!"
by T_rump_supporter May 12, 2016
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An energy field that binds dirty hos to all living things. It surrounds us, it penetrates us, it gives a ho her powers.
Ho force was strong with her, she found that dick pretty damn quick.
by Ho-biwan KenHObi June 01, 2018
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