The ship name between Legacies' characters Hope Mikaelson and Lizzie Saltzman. Hope is Lizzie's anchor and Lizzie is Hope's anchor.

Yelling in the woods it's also a Hizzie thing.
by hizziewarriorfreya March 31, 2019
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The ship name between Hope Mikaelson and Lizzie Saltzman. Definitely the most developed ship on the show. They are enemies to lovers, the way Lizzie went from “I wish Hope Mikaelson was never born” to “But I’m glad to have you back”. They’re each others anchor and trust each other more than anyone else. Also Lizzie was the first person to remember Hope! No other ship could ever top them, no matter what.
PERSON 1: “Hizzie is so pure. They were so angsty in season 1 but had the best development ever. Also the way Lizzie was the first to remember Hope!”

PERSON 2: “I know right?! Girlfriends.”
by LegaciesHizzie July 18, 2020
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Synonym for "sisters in law" who are also best friends.
First used and seen on "Legacies", as way to describe the relationship between Hope Mikaelson and Lizzie Saltzman.
Danielle Rose Russell (who plays Hope Mikaelson), about Hizzie's relationship: "...Fun banter that goes along, but they're- It's almost like they're sisters. It's like, that sibling, you know, back and forth..."

Person A: Have you seen season 2 of Legacies? Hizzie's banters are so funny and chaotic. just like ours!
Person B: OMG! I know! it reminded me so much of our friendship!
by just someone wise September 05, 2020
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One's place of residence
Yo dizog, we goin to mah hizzy
by Groovatron February 28, 2002
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clown #1: i love hizzie, they’re my best ship.
clown #2: wait same they're soulmates.
by hizzieendgame December 22, 2020
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House. And in taking it to the house. Word used in isolation to indicate a touchdown.
Dean: Hizzy. Game over.
by turk10777 September 24, 2016
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