House. And in taking it to the house. Word used in isolation to indicate a touchdown.
Dean: Hizzy. Game over.
by turk10777 September 24, 2016
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Ebonic slang for many words that start with "H". The "Izzy" turns just about any word into slang.
Hook(and sure): Off the hizzy fo shizzy
House: Take it to the Hizzy
Ho: Damn, There are some serious hizzies up in this joint
by Levi Damione January 21, 2005
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A ho, or hizzho. Or a woman built like a brick house.
Yo, that bordello bitch is built like a brick house. What a fuckin' hizzy. She's a one-woman ho-house.
by MedPancOblon February 19, 2004
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Haze; a strain of marijuana that comes from a selective gene e.g.: white widow
Is usually very crystallized, potent and has a strong and unique scent. Typically know as the best on the east coast. Has variation such as lime, golden, blueberry, raspberry and some others. And on the east coast is typically the most expensive sought after marijuana.
Yo son, we need to the heights cop some of dat official hizzy.
by sir. smoke-a-lot October 22, 2003
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