A term no longer used by society! Used before "Internet", before "Cell Phones", and during a time when "Call Waiting" on home phones and "Pagers" that could only vibrate and show a number, were the best of communication technology. "Hitting The Streets" was a term everyone used to use when they wanted to meet new people or to see what their friends were doing. This time period was less judgmental and you got to see everyone in person and get phone numbers from people using paper and pen, then calling them to find they are never home. This is why everyone had to "Hit The Streets", because everyone would hang out in large groups, at friends houses, malls, theaters, parks after hours, 24 hour coffee houses, and clubs that stayed open till sunlight. Gas was cheap so you could fill up your gas tank twice a day and have money left over for fast food places which were the largest hang out spots. Police were out numbered by public crowds then so they left everyone the fuck alone and would respond only when called on for help.
First Person: "hears a knock at their door and answers it"

Second Person: Hey, you're home.

First person: Yeah, just chilling with some girls I met hanging outside the movies, what are you up to?

Second Person: I got the car tonight, why don't we go Hitting The Streets? We could swing by Taco Bell for about five hours, then around 2am see who's hanging out in front of Wal-Mart, then later hit "Make Out Point" at the park.

First Person: Sounds good, one of the girls said we can all sleep at her place afterwards. Her parents will be leaving for work about 7am, just in time for us to get there before 8am to crash together.

Now everyone judges everyone by their online profiles, wanting to know every detail about them before conversing by e-mail, and getting a phone number now is considered "Making It To First Base", as that used to mean getting a kiss. No one goes anywhere anymore, and police now stroll the streets like Nazi New World Order Thought Police bothering innocent people and beating the shit out of protesters till they push back in which innocent people being brutally assaulted by police get slapped with assault charges.
by Selective January 16, 2011
1. Appear on the streets, for example, a new car model.
2. To engage in prostitution or drug dealing on the streets.
3. Slang for "get lost."
1. The world's first fully-electric car is slated to hit the streets any day now.
2. She hit the streets at the tender age of 14 to fend for herself.
by Robbeeeeee December 1, 2013
A condescending way to tell someone to leave. Commonly followed up with and insult to their character or appearance
by Paddymac August 29, 2006
"what were you doing last weekend?"
"I was Hitting Up Streets"
by FoxyGingerTroll September 23, 2008