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The widely-held suspicion that hipsters either do not actually exist or are simply not nearly as numerous as we are led to believe. Based solely on the content of internet forums, blogs, humor websites, and even some mainstream media, one would think that hipsters are everywhere, when that is clearly not the case.

However, ask yourself this: Have you ever, in your entire life, met someone wearing thrift store clothing, drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon, telling you that they listen to terrible music ironically and that everything is too mainstream?

I didn't think so.
Joey: I just read yet another joke on Reddit about hipsters who do everything ironically, wear weird clothes, and only like music recommended by Pitchfork.

Thomas: It's not just Reddit obviously. There are tens of thousands of memes making fun of hipsters and nearly every website and forum has spent a lot of time making fun of them.

Me: Now that you mention it, have either of you ever met a hipster?

Joey: Well, I've seen some people drinking Pabst, and I know one guy who only likes indy music...

Thomas: I know some people who wear skinny jeans and I've met a guy who used the word "ironically incorrectly...

Me: But you've never met anyone who shares more than one or two of those hipster traits? You've never met anyone who you would actually describe as a hipster?

Thomas: I don't think I have...

Joey: I've only really seen hipsters described online or made fun of. I've never actually seen someone who fits the description in real life.

Me: Gentlemen, I think we've discovered the Hipster Myth.
by Nevermetahipster March 11, 2012
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The myth that all the 20 somethings living in Bushwick, Greenpoint or Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY are in fact "rich" or recipients of trust funds. As well as the conceived notion that their encroachment into said "impoverished Brooklyn community" is a bad thing. A concept often shared by people who claim to "miss the old New York" (who were in fact not from NYC or BK themselves back in the late 70's/ 80's/early nineties) and claim they would rather trade the PBR, track bikes, and tight clothing for the "good old days" of crime, urine marinated subway platforms, graffiti, poverty and general unsafe living conditions most similar to a 3rd world country.
BK resident:Look at those rich kid hipsters drinking PBR, they're destoying Brooklyn.

Person with 8th grade reading level: Actually thats a hipster myth you dumbass. They're actually reviving the neighborhood. None of them have any kids either.

BK resident: Huh what!??

8th grade reading level: Yeah people like you are dependant on the hipsters you claim to hate. How old are you now and you're still on that sh*t?

BK: You're right, I am a dumbass. I am going to move to Poughkeepsie.
by mad smart July 02, 2012
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