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A living synthesis of hillbilly and hippie culture, hillhippies reside in rural, mountainous areas, typically located in the Northwest section of the US along the Pacific Coast.

Hillhippies are often the result of cross-breeding amongst native rednecks and transplanted peaceniks who came north in the '70s to start organic farms. In small, back road logging towns where it rains 9 months out of the year, the hippies and hillbillies found common ground in their mutual enjoyment of building ramshackle off-grid housing, chucking trash around the yard, shooting guns, chopping wood, driving beat up pickup trucks, smoking weed, making moonshine, and drinking copious amounts of cheap beer.

Assimilation to the hillhippie way of life can also be achieved through prolonged submersion in the environment, and may be marked by placement of Indian bedspread covered upholstered furniture on the front porch, wearing tie dyes and cammo pants, or by the dreadlocks and trucker caps sported by both male and female of the species.
"Did you meet that new hillhippie chick down at the little store? She's from up Skunk Holler way, plays a mean banjo, I hear."

"Those hillhippies in Deadwood sure know how to brew up a good maple tincture."
by Fairy Prankster August 15, 2013
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