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also known as the "Butch(er) of Benghazi or Rodham.

A 21st Century circle-eyed, sado-masochistic, bisexual succubus (though it prefers female mates), possesses a law degree, noted for it's huge ass and thick legs. Can appear in a number of different forms such as a "motherly" (sic) figure, expert on Healthcare, senator, Secretary of State, and former First Lady.

The Hillary 2016 primarily preys upon younger olive-skinned females with dark hair descending upon them demanding sexual gratification. When confrontations with males occur the contacts are usually fatal for the male ie. Jim McDougal, Vince Foster, staff at Benghazi consulate etc. The Hillary 2016 typically allies itself with the enemies of freedom including extremist Muslims, Liberals, Black Separatists, and members of the Queer mafia.
A typical example of Hillary 2016 can be seen in Hillary Rodham Clinton.

For a complete list of Hillary 2016 victims google "Clinton body count"
by Unapologetic American March 10, 2014
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