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A person who continues to support and claim that a presidential candidate from the previous election after the fact still deserves the presidency. No positive or negative notation implied, depends on context.
'Con-Postilar' Context:
A Clinton Postilar dickhead in the November of 2016 election in the USA decided that s/he/whateverpronoun was going to continue recognize Hillary as the should-be-recognized true presidential candidate.

'Pro-Postilar' context:
A Clinton Postilar of 2016 continues to support Hillary because the alternative seemed cruel to wish upon America, and the popular vote was not considered.

'Neutral-Postilar' Context:
A Clinton Postilar in 2016 continues to support Hillary because that person does not recognize the electoral ballot as a legitimate way to elect a President, as well as the possibility that it can lead to a minority power corruption. Whether or not this is true, is up to you.
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