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The most beautiful girl you will ever lay your eyes upon, she is nice as will ever be. She may as well be your best friend, she's the smartest person alive throughout all of your troubles. She will probably be both the end of your life or a new beginning just waiting to start, she's dependable to the point where you know she always had your back. She happens to be ever so graceful and light on her feet just as a ballerina as she is inhumanity ladylike and always uses such good language. She's funny and knows how to make you laugh, no matter what mood your in. She's levelheaded and strong and if your lucky enough, you could be her best friend. You'd be lucky if you ever meet a Hildegard.
1st friend: WOW! Look there goes Hildegard, she's so nice and smart I want a daughter just like her when I grow up!
2nd friend: She is so pretty, I wish I could wake up every morning like that!
1st friend: She's like Aphrodite!!!
2nd friend: YESSSSS! That's what she reminds me of!
by SerenaOzera May 14, 2015
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A very tough, tomboy like young lady that constantly insults and fights men. Typically she is just looking for a strong sexual partner deserving of her. Origin: a church sermon about "Hildegard of Bingen" popuarly done around churchs of New York going back to the 1950's.
There was this Hildegard at the bar last night that kept on screaming at the crowd looking for someone to play pool with her. Finally some biker faced her down and took her home.
by Steve-er June 05, 2009
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