A very tough, tomboy like young lady that constantly insults and fights men. Typically she is just looking for a strong sexual partner deserving of her. Origin: a church sermon about "Hildegard of Bingen" popuarly done around churchs of New York going back to the 1950's.
There was this Hildegard at the bar last night that kept on screaming at the crowd looking for someone to play pool with her. Finally some biker faced her down and took her home.
by Steve-er June 5, 2009
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Hildegarde, the strongest female name. The saint, of all saints.. all seeing. She is capable of great feats of strengths. She is able to handle sorrow and loss, complicated in life with many feelings of helping all. She will give all for those in need. She will love life and appreciate life at a young age, due to personal hardships. She will protect her children and others. She has a spacial and visual orientation to problem solve. She is not one to read directions, she has natural sense of direction. She will love outdoors, open and freedom. She will have endless energy. Her sense of humor is the best, heals her heart, opens others. Calm and peaceful, beautiful in every way.
They named their daughter Hildegarde because she survived after many challenges.
by Gigi pie February 7, 2010
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