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A portmanteau of the word Hikikomori (a Japanese word used to describe people who isolate themselves and lack a social life) and the acronym NEET; "Not in Education, Employment or Training."
"Get off your ass and go look for a job! Quit being such a hikiNEET."
by Squallevoker May 14, 2018
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A person not (currently) in education, employment, or training who has withdrawn from society into their room or house.
I want to be a HikiNEET so I can just lay in bed all day and do nothing~

HikiNEETs are gross! They don't even shower!
by Sinful Woman June 04, 2018
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Idiot or useless goddess
Also known as neet
What's wrong with you, you dumb neet!?
What's with the long face hikineet!?
by Attomiczombie July 19, 2017
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