The act of going hiking while stoned.
Hey man you wanna go Highking? I've got some loud ready to go.
by BTiger January 19, 2015
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This is when you go on a hiking trip while on drugs.
Man, I totally got stoned and went highking yesterday.
by horsebaby April 23, 2009
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To embark on a walk through nature when stoned.

More aptly, to combine the two chill habits of exploring nature and smoking cannabis. Makes eating food, playing music, talking, and chilling in nature extremely enjoyable and pleasant.
Grant and I went highking yesterday, it was super chill.

Tina, lets grab a burrito and embark on a highke later!
by Trolololer April 24, 2011
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A highk is a commonly used term by stoners to symbolize going on a hike while high or getting high while on a hike.
Gloria had to bring the weed for her highk with Ron and Lucas
by 4skin.timm June 20, 2019
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