In these troubled times in which we live, we are constantly searching for that one moment of pure joy that can uplift our spirits and bring them to a higher plane. People have sought for centuries that one golden flash of brilliance that would justify their lives, the arrow that would soar into the heart of darkness and vanquish the malevolent vortex that drains the very soul of mankind. We have known of and guarded this provenance of enlightenment for generations, and it is now time for destiny to unfold and unleash this power upon the masses. Of course you know of what we speak: THE HIGH-FIVE!!!
"Dude,you going to High Five Friday?!?!"

"You know it!!!"
by Geoff Enright February 20, 2008
A magical day, which kicks off the weekend. The predecesor of Super High-Five Saturday and Super-Dooper High-Five Sunday. Coined by a man by the name of Jason Ritchie and seen widely at music festivals, one will hear it screamed and be beckoned to give a highfive to this crazy fuck. The act of the highfive is spectacular and truly adds to the enthusiam and team sprit of a festival!
Jason: "High-five Friiiiiiday!!!!!!"
Stranger: (Dumbfounded, see's the dude's hand up and has to give a High-Five."
Aliwishes: "Hey Ralph, what day is it????"
Ralph: "I think it's ummmmmm Thirsty, Oh yeah(Raises hand) It's High-five Friday!
by Ralph Steadman July 16, 2006