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A dialect of English utilizing esoteric and pedantic words to describe mundane and rudimentary occurrences. Typically, the use of High English is employed subconsciously as an attempt to conceal inadequacies and impress peoples that are sexually attractive.
Two friends are chatting with each other.

John: How was the test this morning?
David: It went pretty well, I mean, like, it wasn't the hardest thing ever.
(Governess, a beautiful girl with perfect eyes, enters the scene and David begins using High English)
John: Hello Governess.
Governess: How was the test for you guys?
David: Well, I was rather perplexed by the absence of questions pertaining to book. Fortunately, we had studied all the relevant material in a previous semester.

Governess: Really? I thought it was hard.
David: Pshaw, I am confident you performed adequately.
by BioTeaParty December 27, 2011
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