A couple who sustained a relationship throughout and after high school and later on to marriage. These couples tend to be the strongest and happiest couples.
Brett: Wow Dylan and Tori have been together forever
Bretts Cat: Yeah that's because they are high school sweethearts!
Brett: Wow they look so happy.
by Chancepaige February 12, 2014
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❤ Used as a term of endearment or in an affectionate form in addressing a couple that has "dated"or has been "dating" during their high school years

♡ Some people believe a high school sweetheart is a person who they started dating at some point in high school and married.

♡ Others believe high school sweethearts where a couple who dated for most of their high school years.
❤ Stephen and Mireya have been High School Sweethearts since Mireya's freshman year.
by ReyaCaldez May 16, 2011
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your significant other that you have kept through most of your high school career.
sally was my high school sweetheart!
by ,vhhj July 20, 2006
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1. A current couple in high school that has been dating for most of their high school years.
2. A couple that has been dating since high school.
by ReyaCaldez December 19, 2010
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melanie martinez's best song, it's production and lyricism is immaculate.
it's part of the K-12 album, which is also her best project to date.
what's melanie's best song?
that would be high school sweethearts.
by melsfaerie November 12, 2020
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Someone that you like most or you show so much love to.
Flirty Slim: “I have some females that are my high school sweethearts that I love most and I’m not bisexual anymore. I’m just a heterosexual sweetheart who loves everybody and shows love to everything that is very beautiful, sweet, attractive, and kind.”
by Flirty Slim December 4, 2018
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