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Definition of A HIGH MAINTENANCE GIRL: excessively talkative, over-reactive, highly emotional, attention-seeking female who requires a firm handler. See also: excitement, bitch.
"I'm sick of all these high maintenance women. They all expect me to talk!"
by High Maintance Queen February 18, 2010
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Women that r more concerned about their exterior looks.
The type you'll see with ugly older men that have lots of money.
Selfish and in it for themselves....
I have unfortunately dated a few and the end result with them is always the same. High Maintenance Women seem to be unstable with life in general and exceptionally needy towards men. Looking for that easy life. They also love to sue the ex's in court for money, so they don't have to work.
by Been there done that. May 10, 2006
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Self-Centered, Needy, and always needing to look good to others.
A women that's been married a few times. Are very sue minded towards men in court, regarding alimony and/or child support or both. They have the Jekyl and hyde syndrome... They use men strictly for money. The wealthy ones they like, whether the man is good looking or not.
by Been there done that. May 04, 2006
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