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The act of vacating an area or, most commonly, room in the immediate aftermath of having performed an act that may be considered dastardly (usually in an attempt to escape punishment). Despite its name the "Hidden-Dip" is any thing but stealthy and often draws more attention to proceedings than is strictly necessary due to its "as the crow flies mentality" meaning doors are not the only things used. This method of escape is only to be used in dire circumstances whereby no other means are available. The "Hidden-Dip" can often lead to injuries especially where windows are involved and those performing such a manoeuvre do so at their own risk.

The "Hidden-Dip" originates from the original "DIP" which simply meant to leave in an orderly fashion. The necessity to flee with haste whilst avoiding capture lead to the addition of the Hidden element"

Often the "Hidden-Dip" is mistaken for hidden dip, which is either an obscured dip in a road, or a stealthily concealed condiment
"A" breaks the pool table, "B" and "C" stand looking shocked! "A" then shouts DIP! (Possibly adding the prefix HIDDEN) and then the three persons flee from the scene with a great degree of haste!

I spill my coffee on the hotel carpet, my mate witnesses said occurrence and yells "Hidden-Dip!" we both drop every thing and make good our escape by jumping out of the nearest window
by Wisemanjim April 10, 2010
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