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hiccy is a mark that someone has leftover you, hiccy could be also mean we’re some one bites you when kissing you and leave a mark
β€œ mom I’ve got my first hiccy β€œ
β€œ oh darling your only 13 I was expecting you to get a hiccy when β€˜your 16 β€œ
by Itz_your_mom June 11, 2018
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1. a small animal, usually green or pink that is found only in the woods of gerrards cross. It has tiny wings, wich cannot provide lift anyways, so theyr jst there 4 show, nd hiccys LUV shows they featured in live 8 and err, bullet in a bible (Green Day).

2. what happens 2 cheese left under a sofa for 2 long
1. a) Oh my. u look like u hav just seen a hiccy!

2. oh no! that gorgonzola has turned in2 a hiccy!
by y do u wont 2 no PERV June 27, 2006
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