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1. One who's natural smile makes it appear as if they're constipated (usually this constipated smile contains yellow, discolored teeth and gap as from immoderate consumption of food, but doesn't have to)
2. Any constipated look or to smile in a manner that suggests stinkiness, struggling, and constipation
Although I'd hoped they were just shenanigans, I realized the HiDrNick was his actual smile.

The cashier's HiDrNick at Pick'n Save helped me remember that we needed toilet paper.

I was about to ask out Hayden when I realized she had a HiDrNick and I ran away.

When our baby, Madison, smiled at us with a HiDrNick, we knew what she had done and went out to buy some more diapers.

When I walked in the bathroom, the smell reeked and their stood Riley, washing his hands with a huge HiDrNick across his face.

Although his teeth were straightened after years of having braces, he still had a sort of unbecoming HiDrNick.

I avoided smiling because my HiDrNick would scare people.
by Shenanigans3 April 05, 2008
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1. To misrepresent yourself as something you're not (usually a doctor, in such a way akin to lying.
2. One who behaves like a coward by deleting material so as not to deal with it head on
4. To act like a dick and to continue behaving like a dick despite orders not to behave in this manner
Some HiDrNick phony telling everyone he's a doctor when he really ain't got no job.

Vernan is a HiDrNick that removed the allegations in a complaint letter rather than addressing them.

by James Right April 06, 2008
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An inside joke between people who are not overweight or obese: a term used to indicate that a person is obese without them knowing what you're talking about. The term alludes to the person looking like Old Saint Nick (aka Santa Clause), but uses "Dr." as a substitute for "Saint" so as to disguise the meaning from the person considered obese
When my wife asked me if I thought she was fat, I knew the only way I could tell her the truth without spending the next week on the couch was to reply, "HiDrNick!"

Whenever the subject of my weight comes up with my parents, they both just say "HiDrNick" and laugh together for some reason.

Chester : Dude, check out my new physique? Aren't I ripped!
Devon: HiDrNick, you certainly are ripped.
Chester: Who?
(fat) Isaac: What? Where? Why?
(skinny) Kenny: Ohhhh! hahahaahahahahahaha!
by Brendan Pommer March 21, 2008
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