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When a victim turns the tables on someone to come out completely and utterly victorious!

Based on new Australian Celebrity, Casey Haynes who successfully defended himself against a bully.

NOTE TO UD EDITORS: Please take a second to at least Google "Casey Heynes." It is very recent, but it is NOT an inside joke or anything. This kid is a viral video phenomenon with news agencies reporting on it around the world! In less than 12 hours, he has 43,000 fans on his Facebook page. I can only imagine what it will be in a few days. Also, Fox Chicago News *HAS* coined the phrase "He got Haynesed." I thought it deserved to be on UD.
Ritchard punched Casey in the face, but Casey picked him up and body slammed his ass into the concrete! Ritchard got Heynesed!
by Myzyri March 16, 2011
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