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the act of a victim finally standing up/defending oneself from a bully with explosive force after enduring the bully's torment for far too long. This counter-attack/self-defence, is against the victim's normal behaviour, and hence takes the bully by complete surprise.
He had been bullied all his life, but finally snapped and Casey Heynes'd his tormentor straight into the pavement!
by mrshr3d March 18, 2011
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The man, the Legend, the face of Anti-Bullying, the Zangief Kid, Mr. "I must break you", Wont like him when hes angry- Casey Heynes. The internet phenom that is known for very aggressively shutting his 82 lbs. bully up by lifting him up and slamming his shit on the concrete during school in Australia. YouTube is trying 120% to remove these videos off of their website, but its too good. The video has been edited to Street Fighter formats and other video game references. Within a week of its release, an animated version was made.
Casey Heynes is the best at what he does.
by MrDeezul March 18, 2011
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A hero for the thousands of children and teenagers bullied everyday in the world. A kid who was overweight, but was otherwise the same as any other human being, and deserved the same respect any other human should received. However, he has been bullied for his entire school life and on a fateful day, he had enough. After being taunted and punched multiple times by a bully named Ritchard Gale (who is incredibly skinny), he rightfully snapped. He grabbed our fellow bully and here, and slammed Ritchard into the ground, breaking his shin and ankle. If he had landed on his head, the damage would had been fatal. The little PRICK was extremely LUCKY that didn't happen, and Casey is now a internet phenomenon after his act of self-defense. Sadly, Casey was suspended for four days for his act of self-defense, and Ritchard's parents are demanding an apology.

What a bunch of CRAP. Props to Casey Heynes, the justifiable.
Ritchard: Hah! Just another day of victimizing this fat kid, I've done it billions of time so today will be easy.

Casey Heynes: *Slams Ritchard on the ground* Justice is served.
by Vurdler March 16, 2011
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When someone shits on your day, and you do something about it; namely Zangief-ing his ass.
A bully gave me shit, so I Casey Heynes'd the little fuck until he stumbled home crying to his mama.
by handledcuz March 16, 2011
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The obese teenage star of a viral video that also stands as a beacon of anti-bullying.
In the video, Richard Gates (who is smaller than Casey) bullies Casey, insulting him, shoving him and punching him several times. After all of these attacks are proven to be ineffective, Richard goes in to tackle Casey, but instead Casey picks him up, walks a couple of feet forward, and slams Richard onto the ground.
Watching this video is satisfying every time, and Casey has become somewhat famous on the internet, even obtaining his own nickname, "Zangief Kid" after the character from the Street Fighter video game series who uses a special move similar to what Casey does to Richard.
Casey Heynes is my hero; now I can stand up to my school bullies!
by UsefulInfoBeing June 02, 2016
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