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A kind yet out going person. She always speaks her mind but sometimes she is shy. She’s a beautiful girl inside and out. She is always very negative about herself. She rarely has anyone giving her compliments,so make sure to compliment her.
“Who’s that sitting across the room?”
“That’s Heyley”
“Why is she back there alone”
“She’s crazy shy, but damn, ain’t she beautiful?”
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by Lonely Person June 06, 2018
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ugly whore who steals your boyfriend and lies to hers, and does sinful things to destroy the evidence. also things shes fun but shes really just a stupid toothpick.
u know who he had the affair with?
oh ya, heyley, shes a whore.
by curlz8888 November 02, 2009
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A Fiery being, who loves hot action in the bedroom such as spanking and lots of pleasureables. A person who has multiple partners male/female and loves nothing more than wearing FMB's and a holding a whip in the bedroom.

Abit of a Domonatrix, loves to boss but also very gentle and kind hearted with those that capture her heart.

very potty mouthed, prone to road rage, and a lover and the mystic art's.
Women walks up to a couple in a bar
"You a couple?"
"yes" they reply
"you like sex?"
"err yes" they reply
"you like sex with me?"
Girl turns to suprised partner and says..
"It's ok babes, she's such a Heyley"
by Honour Heartley April 01, 2009
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