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The Hexagonist or final stage of the once trending game, Super Hexagon, which is the hyper mode of the first Hexagonist stage. This unlocks the true ending. When you reach 60 seconds, the Hexagon in the middle has completely stopped, with the hexagon border as white, and the rest is pitch black, only including the hexagon and your cursor. It starts to pulsate without moving, and starts making more obstacles from there in which is optional to play since you finish the game at 60 seconds. When you crash, it's only the hexagon, staying there. Then, suddenly, pulsates the obstacles out instead of in, and this is where the ending starts, once the 2:40 minute ending has completed, the hexagon stops again, and it suddenly crashes a second time, which means you witnessed the end. The ending music is Chipzels song, "Focus" in reverse on a higher pitch, making the end very unique.
"I finally finished the Hexagonist mode! I'm so happy! The ending music was in reverse this whole time!
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by NeatoDitto April 23, 2018
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