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The italian way to call someone a whore.(See Whore)
by Angel October 25, 2003
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Hewa is someone that acts smart in class but acts like shit to his friends.
Hewa is another word for you peace of shit for those italians.
Hewa is a handsome guy that if you meet you will instantly make friends with

he is a really funny guy and if you hit him then your dead.
He's mostly an mlg person he will aways have doritos and mountain dew so if you meet hewa you need to be mlg.
If your not friend with Hewa how do you even have a life hes one of the most popular beatboxer
by Funhewago December 10, 2017
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-a kurdish boy's name
-means hope in the kurdish language
-my cute lil bro's name
i love hewa, he's sooo gorgeous
-yeah like totally:hewa is number one bomb!!
by xsomax February 09, 2004
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