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When you grow up immersed in a culture of compulsory heterosexuality and labour under the misapprehension that you must be straight. Het lag typically lasts for years or decades.

It is particularly prevalent among those who do not experience a strong sense of romantic or sexual attraction to any sex or gender, and therefore have less obvious counter-evidence to the assumption of heterosexuality than those who experience strong same-sex/same-gender attraction. This is typically exacerbated by the lack of LGBTQIA+ education in schools and lack of awareness in many communities.

However, it is not exclusively experienced by people who identify under the asexual and/or aromantic umbrellas. Anyone whose sexuality is not the exclusively heterosexual 'default' that widespread social norms teach them to expect may experience het lag.

Originally coined in a tweet by Jared Pechacek (@vandroidhelsing):
"Mistyped it as 'het lag' so now we have a term for when you grow up thinking you're straight."
So, folks: how long were you 'het lagged' for?

I was het lagged for about 30 years... :o
by Ace_Editor April 11, 2019
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the feeling of exhaustion one experiences from pretending to be heterosexual in front of ones family.
Myra: Hey girl, how's your christmas?
Lexa: I've watched every "gay and lesbian" movie on Netflix. And then i slept to avoid the fam.
Myra: Jeez, got hetlag huh?
Lexa: You have no idea.
by RonnieSkylar May 19, 2016
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The time between straight relationships when you spend all of your time swooning over cute boys/girls and wishing you could go out with them.
Man, look at how Sam's totally drooling all over Olivia. He's totally in het-lag.
by Silent-Warning July 02, 2010
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