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A religion dedicated to worshiping the Almighty Emile Heskey!!! Heskeynites will honour and defend Englands greatest footballer.
Friend 1 - " heskey is shit"

Friend 2 - "we can never speak again, :O i am a heskeynite a follower of Heskeyanity, sworn to fight for Emile Heskey for life"
by FounderOfHeskeyanity November 29, 2011
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A Religion based on the teachings of Emile Heskey. Emile Heskey, spiritual leader of Heskeyanity, is worshiped mostly in England. Emile Heskey, originally not the founder of Heskeyanity, is a football/soccer player, currently active at Aston Villa. Though his international career with England has ended, followers of Heskeyanity still pray to him.
Followers of Heskeyanity usually have shrines of Heskey in their homes. They are expected to worship their God up to 3 times a day.
Heskeyanity is a very small and a very new religion, but is rising steadily. Today, there are estimated to be up to 300,000 followers of Heskeyanity, many of them English.
"A: Why do you pray to Heskey?
B: I am a strong believer of Heskeyanity."
by HyperShot12 January 01, 2012
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