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1.) A game where you wander around a magical forest, shooting yourself with heroin, while chasing a Pink Dragon. But you can never catch it. No score, no crowds, just you and the dragon.

Deemed the ultimate first person shooter.
1.) Stan looks awful because he's been up for 3 days straight playing heroin hero.

Doesn't he know, you can never catch the dragon?
by HAcoreRD November 10, 2007
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A heroin simulation game.Played when you need to relax, especially before or after playing guitar hero. The object of the game is to keep injecting yourself with heroin while you chase the dragon through the magical forest. The problem is that you never catch the dragon.
Billy played heroin hero for 6 hours straight and I had to drag his limp body away from the game.
by Tdowns November 12, 2007
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