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1. "Here's Johnny", the catchphrase used by Ed McMahon for almost 30 years on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962 - 1992)
2. "Here's Johnny" is reused in the movie The Shining, when Jack Torrance (played by Jack Nicholson) trying to kill his family.
After Jack broke a hole in the door with an axe, he sticks in head in and says "Here's Johnny!".
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by MethAndGatorade June 08, 2017
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1: Your Wang/ejaculation, named after Jack Nicholson's junk in the shining.
2: When introducing a friend called Johnny
Jack: Linda i want to bone.
Linda: No i'm to tired.
Jack: All sleep and no play makes Jack have hairy palms.
Linda: zzzzzz (snore).
Jack: (whilst jerking himself to climax) Here's Johnny OOOOOOOOHHHHH YEAH.
Linda: What was that, aah i cant see.
Jack: zzzzzzzz (snore)
by Nick Manning Is The Man February 13, 2009
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