A phrase used to preface an instruction, or to tell someone like it is.
"Here's the deal, you go get the chinese take out while I wait here and que up an episode of Jim Rome Is Burning for us to watch when you get back."

"Here's the deal, you better change your attitude of you plan on having any fun tonight."
by chess5 April 23, 2010
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Here's the deal, the fact is that everything his has said so far is simply a lie.
by Biggest Man Matt October 01, 2020
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It's what Joe Biden says when he wants you to think he's being brutally frank with you, but the truth is it's a signal (inadvertent or not) that he's about to tell a big whopper
biden: Here's the deal! My new energy plan will benefit ALL Americans
working stiff: Oh, geesh. Here we go again
biden: Including and especially women and POC who are most adversely impacted by global...
working stiff: Oh, FFS *groan*
by thurbsy May 17, 2021
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