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A phrase used to preface an instruction, or to tell someone like it is.
"Here's the deal, you go get the chinese take out while I wait here and que up an episode of Jim Rome Is Burning for us to watch when you get back."

"Here's the deal, you better change your attitude of you plan on having any fun tonight."
by chess5 April 23, 2010

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When a purse is so large that it is actually the size of a small piece of luggage. A purse/suitcase.
Shante - "Hey, are you on the way to the airport? I didn't know you were going on a trip."

Ashanti - "Yeah, I'm didn't want to have to pay for another check bag so I'm carrying on my purcase."

Guy - "I hate paying $20 for consessions at the movie!"
Girl - "No worries, just stash your treats and soda in my purcase."
by chess5 May 04, 2010

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A phrase used during a gossip session when the subject of gossip is seen approaching, or caught within ear shot of your conversation to cover the real content of the story.
Sheri - "Did you see the jeans Amy was wearing yesterday?"

Chris - "Yeah, seriously, a 9 inch zipper...its not 1985 anymore."

(Amy walks in room)

Sheri - "Oh, but that was yesterday...hey Amy, what's up?"
by chess5 May 14, 2010

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