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A god- like figure who lives my night and sleeps by day just like Batman except way cooler. When he speaks, his voice silences all. When he sings, it is just like that of Chester from Linkin Park. When he raps, people relate him to Eminem and Mike Shinoda. Everybody loves Hensen. He has no flaws and people may know him as "Triple H". All the girls have posters of him in their bedrooms. Hensen is often caught walking in his new jeans and LP shirt he got from Projekt Revolution with headphones in his ears pumping to LP. Everybody respects Hensen and if you don't Hensen will stone cold stun your ass.
A:Why is everyone getting on their knees?
B:Cause Hensen Hong is here bitch!

"I'd like to introduce our idol Hensen Hong. He's here to open up with Crawling at Projekt Revolution. Give it for the one and only Hensen Hong! (crowd roars)"
-Chester from Linkin Park.
by lostinyou August 27, 2008
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