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The Hybridization of the words "retard" and "hella"
There are two meanings to the word:
complimentary: a friendly way to point out someone who is 'stupid' or mentally dysfunctional.
Derogatory: a NOT friendly word to insult one who is annoying you or is Hella Retarded
complimentary usage:

mary sue: omg you are such a hellatard, you failed your test!
me: i know right? lol
Derogatory usage:
me: bruh stop annoying me on kik you hellatard!

mary sue: omg! i will like totally have jeff the killer destroy you with his kawaiiness!
me: -_____- you do know that jeff doesn't even exist, right?
mary sue: nuuuuuuuuu!
me: speak english you hellatard.
by Mis Chevious September 30, 2015
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