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A place. It may or may not exist, making it an idea. Therefore, Hell is a proper noun and should always be capitalized.
by Amber Almighty December 29, 2004
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A place of eternal damnation where small imp-like creatures slowly feed upon your body as it is stretched and ripped apart upon a field of rotting flesh and black, coagulated blood. An extremely dark place where there is no mercy. No salvation. No hope. Only pain, fear, and despair. Eternal torment.

A pitch black place where extreme heat and extreme cold can coexist simultaneously. Where every muscle, bone, and organ is savagely and painstakingly ripped from your helpless body.

A place many, many times worse than what is described above is known as Hell.
Hell is simply incomprehensible to people like us.
by (Jared Rogers) August 08, 2007
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A woman who is extremely beautiful and alluring, yet also has a very dark and sometimes slightly sadistic side.

Is also often into bondage amoung other things.
person1 "oh my, shes fucking hot and evil, and into bondage!"

person2 "she's a Hells"
by Stephy Bunny January 06, 2007
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where everyone goes after they die
John says im going to hell. Jack says, you sure are.
by jom313do April 11, 2008
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What I'm going through right now with so many responsibilities. Seriously, somebody shoot me before I do it myself. Life sucks.
Wow, our lives rock! Paul's life sure seems like pure Hell because of all of the crap he has to take care of all the time!
by Paul November 18, 2004
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Used as a form of strong affection or display. Used in Anger, Happiness, And other emotions.
1. Whoa, dude, that was creepy As hell!

2. Are you asking me what's her problem? The hell if i know.

3. That show is dumb As hell.

4. Hell, It doesn't even look like it works.
by Delay101 June 29, 2009
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