Earth. This is hell. We all have to become christians and get out. If not, we reincarnate. Eventually after a couple thousand life times we'll reach nirvana, or hell, or whatever the point of existance is. =) "Better luck next time!"
We're in "hell" right now.
by heeeeheeeeeeee April 03, 2007
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a place under the earth that is seperated into 2 parts 1 side is for the party goes who"acdendtley" killed sum 1 their is a party every nite on that side the other side is 4 the murder who killed some one on perpose and the olny judjment is if it was a acdent and we all know who the devil will part with
cuming 2 the party tonight raul?
yea,my mom told me i had to go to hell
by black billy April 27, 2010
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Vista ridge Academy In Monrovia, CA where they give you prison food and make you sit in class all day
Woody:Hey Lets Go to vista Ridge!!
Adonis:STFU woody!!! for what to eat that county food! hell no!
by The_big_Adonis September 02, 2008
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drowning in a vat of coors light or some other terrible type of beer
"hell is a place where some college freshmen end up"
by A-rizzle May 28, 2007
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Supposubly a fiery pit of darkness and doom in the center of the earth run by a little red guy with horns and black hair and big eyes and a little tail with an authentic navajo indian arrowhead hot glued onto the end. his name is satan or the devil. he carries a little pitch fork kinda like the ones you get stabbed through a cherry in your smoothie. anyway, hell is a pit of miserable hell were you have to play an endless game of monopoly with hitler and osama bin ladin. satan is short and to the point...ha ha get it.
Jill: Go To Hell!!!
Jack:kk, see ya
Satan: Hello, welcome to hell, my name is satan, and ur in hell
Jack: No Shit Dude!
by Craig is cool January 14, 2008
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