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A name for fans of the progressive rock band Coheed and Cambria. Heed heads are friends, not only with the band on Myspace, but with Evil Ink comics, several Shabutie profiles, Cobalt and Calcium, Fire Deuce, English Panther, and Davenport Cabinet. They listen to all these band religiously, as well as constantly read the comic books, and try to decipher the true meanings of the songs in doing so.
They post on the Cobalt and Calcium forums, probably contribute and therefore have an avatar, which is probably Coheed related. Coheed rocks, and if you try to tell them differently, they'll profusely disagree with you and try to convince you otherwise.
Kid 1: "When you're down, on the floor, bleeding, bastard..."
Kid 2: You're such a Heed Head.
Kid 1: Is that a bad thing? Do you know what this song is about? This is when Josephine Kilgannon is raped by the Jersey City Devils, and then...
Kid 2: Whoa, I was just sayin'.
by EricaEatsWaffles June 17, 2008
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