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1)A girl's name given to a girl that may be nothing to look at but is beautifull on the inside. Guys refer to it as a nickname for a girl that they would not normally date but end up loving more than anyone.

2)A best friend. (M/F)

3)Anickname used in place of "hottie"(M/F)
1)Guy 1: Your girl is nice but she's missing the wrapping paper
Guy 2: I don't care. I love her and she is a total heddi once you get to know her!

2)Guy 1:Who's that? U been hangin out a lot lately.
Guy 2: no worries. She's my heddi

3)Guy 1: hey babe!
Girl 1: hey heddi, love the hair!
by Mae Bug August 14, 2010
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