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Hedaya is a strong, loving, smart girl. She is passionate and doesn't take no as an answer for anything. She is very attractive and once you have her you should never let her go. She is a gift.

She is a total badass. She doesn't give a crap of what people say. She stands up for what's right

She is hot even when she doesn't try to be. She is super outgoing. But at first she seems shy. And she loves to have fun ;))
.... that girl is such a Hedaya
by 178292929fsb April 09, 2018
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Gift. The most beautiful, caring, loving, sweetest person in the world whose considered to be the greatest blessing to anyone's life. Cannot be seen for angels aren't mean to be.
Hey I think I saw a Hedaya last night

by 12shhhhh March 05, 2017
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