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Heavyn is the baddest bitch she don't take shit from other people and will pop off if needed. She very athletic and attractive. She hella funny and won't laugh unless it's funny. Altogether she's dope asf
"Heavyn fire asf"
by Hdjjzmzndhsn January 07, 2017
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Heavyn is the coolest nigga alive, nobody wants to mess with her (really though, she's too sweet for anybody to wanna fuck with her) Heavyn only has one best friend because she is way too awesome to have more than one. Heavyn is SUPER gorgeous, like you won't find anybody else like her so if you got her, don't let her go. She has sick dance moves and does very good at parties. Neatest personality ever and she is funny as hell. She also loves to be called "little one"
"Damn dude, did you realize how fucking killer Heavyn is?"

"Heavyn & Keegan are the best of friends man, nobody can touch them"
by Coolestniggahere June 06, 2015
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A BAD ASS BITCH! nice to everyone and its not hard for her to make friends. She only fucks witta few because she thinks kids are wack and werid. Dont cross her because she is willing to whoop a bitch and a nigga ass. LETS SUM THIS SHIT UP DONT FUCK WITH HEAVYN AND SHE WONT FUCK WITH YOU PERIOODD!
by Hdjjzmzndhsn May 05, 2018
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Heavyn is country girl. She is a punk, scary cat , and very intellengant. She have hella friends but one have one best friend. She is a big ass liar and not trustworthy. People called her a hoe but if you know her, you can tell she not. She have many ex's but run back to the first guy she fell in love with.
by lillightskin1234 June 05, 2018
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