When a woman has a nice thick ass that has some weight on it. Butt cheeks likely pop out the bottom of her shorts.
by Stopher0189 March 13, 2021
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Something so heavy, it can be described as heavier than a dummy thicc ass.
Man, this Heavy-ass bag of retards sure is hard to carry!
by Retard the third June 8, 2019
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Heavy Ass Weight was first founded by our lord and savior Ronnie Coleman during the prime of Lifting. HAW can be defined as these three separate categories

Arms - if your curling anything over 50’s for reps, that’s heavy ass weight

Legs - if your repping 315 for 3 sets of 5, that’s heavy ass weight

Chest - if your repping 225, that’s heavy ass weight
Cade - “ hey dude how much is that guy over there lifting ? “

Rios - “ idk but it’s definitely some heavy ass weight
by Mean machine May 22, 2022
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Heavy cream ass can be defined as an insult, or term to describe someone who is heavy and has cream in their ass. It could also be used as a sexual term for Cumming in someone.
Guy 1: You see that girl over there?
Guy 2: Your crush Tory?
Guy 1: we're not just crushes now, we've taken things much higher
Guy 2: Oh yeah?
Guy1: I gave her a massive Heavy cream ass last night~
Guy 2: Nice!
by The walking encyclopaedia December 2, 2022
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