A fart that is significantly hotter than most farts and smell putred, sometimes resulting in a burning sensaton upon the anus. This phenomenon is caused by a chemical reaction in the intestinal tract from the fermentation of certain foods. The foods that can cause this are usually considered unhealthy, such as American style McDonald's, Wendy's, and many other fast food chains. This is usually causes defecation with the same effects, which is believed to be the origin of the phrase "Steaming pile of shit." These farts are highly flammable even more so than normal ones. Please do not light a match near the rectum when this situation occurs, for it will cause a fairly large explosion and may worsen the burning sensation.
Man, "OUCH."
Dude, "What?"
Man "I just released a heated fart."
Dude, "Well you shouldn't have eaten all those cheeseburgers."
Man, *Sigh.
(Body collapses)
Man, "You O.K. Dude?"
by Uruugh January 22, 2015
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A heated fart is the action of farting directly into a wall mounted electric heater turned up to maximum temperature. The fan in the heater will accelerate the dispersal of the fart. If done properly you should be able to clear out a room. This also has the added benefit of burning off the dust clinging to the electric heating elements in the summer, adding a burning dust fragrance and fire prevention.
"Why are you bent over in front of the heater Johnson!......... and why does it smell like hot Garbage?!"
"Oh just launching my post dinner heated fart"
by Boatman1912 April 14, 2015
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The heat felt from ones farts. It can be felt through direct contact with the fart, or afterward through contact with seat cushions that were just in contact with the fart.
*guy puts hand on seat cushion*

-"why is this seat cushion warm!? Is this body heat or fart heat?"
by con serving time January 18, 2011
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