Often thought of as the strongest being on earth, Heartman has a simple body made of flesh and blood just like a human. His arms are humongous, and his legs are as well-muscled as the guys from Powerthirst. He is on steroids (crap he told me not to tell you that, he's gonna take a steaming dump on me now) but he works out 23 hours a day so that helps his muscle mass too. In the legendary story, "Albert the Fat Math Guy," Heartman is the main antagonist and is trying to kill Albert (later known as Bugaboo Man) and Trash Lady.
In the storied tale of "Albert the Fat Math Guy," Heartman kills Albert several times by just punching or kicking him. Naturally, Albert comes back to life every time just like 90% of the other characters do.
by John DoeNumberthree April 10, 2008
Heartman is a character from Death Stranding. He continually kills himself every 21 minutes and revives himself every 3 minutes. He also had his family die in an accident.
Did you play Death Stranding and see Heartman?
by Tytalkstech February 11, 2022