A period of re-education at a state funded school that teaches a variety of techniques to damage health: suicide, promiscuity, fornication, debauchery, recreational drugs.

On occasion teens will be advised not to ride in vehicles with intoxicated operators.
In Health Class you'll receive free condoms and be told to fornicate wildly if you want. This is not health advise.
by Tokenizing Words December 20, 2007
A class where you do homework for other classes. A class where you do nothing.
I did all of my homework for the day in my first hour health class.

I am typing this in health class.
by singhisking101 June 8, 2010
A class that is started in 6th grade and ends sometime in highschool. In this class you learn about suicide, health issues, depression, self-esteem, relationships. And last, but not least, Sex education.
Mrs.Licksallballs: And then the male will take his fully erect penis and insert it into the woman wet and dripping vagina.

6th grader: What about the birds and the bees?
by iwannabeanalcoholic April 3, 2005
The most self-explanatory class you'll have in high school. There are only a few key things that you need to remember:
1. Don't have sex...or you die!
2. Don't drink...or you die!
3. When a girl and a boy love each other... they FUCK!
4. STDs are diseases that just keep on giving
5. When someone's horny, they FUCK themselves or somebody!
6. The menstrual cycle is when a girl/woman/female teacher of yours is very bitchy and is "riding the cotton pony."
"Hey mom, I had a great time in Health Class!"
"Yeah, it was awesome! Our teacher taught us how to fuck one another in the corner, butt, vagina... oh, it was awesome!"
"I hope you had fun, Johnny Boy!"
"I sure did, mom. Now, let's fuck some more!"

Isn't Health Class great?
by WhatTheFuckMan?! January 14, 2011
A class where you learn about health or learn nothing about health.
Johnny: Hey in health classs were learning about babies.

Sally: I'm learning about games
by Hcantsee February 25, 2009
A semester long guilt trip in which the teacher states one of following three things over and over again.

1 - Eat fruits and vegetables and don't forget to exercise every day!

2 - Don't do drugs.

3 - Stay abstinent.
Dakota - How was health class?

Kyle - It was so boring, the teacher said to exercise, eat fruits and vegetables, and to not do drugs throughout the entire period!

Dakota - It sucks that you still have 16 more weeks of that class.
by LeafsFan35 January 13, 2011
A torture chamber where a torture master (AKA teacher) tries to give you the worst existential crisis possible and trick you into a threesome with your friends.
torture master: all right class, today i need you all to get into groups of three.
That is what goes on in a Health class
by A wee british laddy February 27, 2019