takin a risk;crash dummy;action without thought; not giving a fcuk--Origin:Baton Rouge, LA from artist Weebie and Boosie.
I'm out hea head first in tha streets
by sookie July 20, 2005
dragging head first = kissing (duhh)
from taylor swift's song 'fearless'

-You take my hand and drag me head first fearless
by Heartsong August 2, 2009
The Fifth studio album by hot electronic band Goldfrapp....
1 rocket
2. believer
3. alivie
4. dreaming
5. head first
6. hunt
7. shiny and warm
8. i wanna life
9. voicething
THe first single rocket is a great dance hit
by Heidi-Fan May 13, 2010
When someone slides into the DMs by sending a dick pic
Person one: Hey did you hit up that waitress from yesterday on instagram
Person two: Yeah man! I went sliding in head first
by Quasimototheking January 19, 2016