Oh snap, look at that Hayy, walking down the street with all her men and bitches by her side!
by MeGustaTacos. December 27, 2011
Hayi is a free, private social network for neighbourhoods in the UAE. The mobile application provides neighbours with an exclusive platform to connect, share information and befriend those in close proximity.
Neighbour 1: "Have you heard about Hayi?"
Neighbour 2: "No, what is it?"
Neighbour 1: "It's an app where neighbours can connect with each other and share relevant information on their neighbourhood"
Neighbour 2: "Cool, why don't you just knock on your neighbours door?"
Neighbour 1: "Bro, it's 2020 no one has time for that...check it out!"
by Hayi February 17, 2020
Hayi, don’t go that party you are not invited
by Xhosa ndim September 20, 2019