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She is a beautiful, smart girl. She is normally average in height... not tall but not short, perfect height. She is shy around the guy she likes but will stare at him when she see's him... but will not let him catch her. She is so beautiful she could be a model. He is crazy and honest. She has great taste and everyone loves her. She is so nice and helpful. Her friends see her as a crazy girl who is dumb but others see her as a shy, loving, beautiful girl
I love Haylin, she is so nice!
by Yourbestfriend2463 January 08, 2017
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She is the sweetest person you will ever meet. She is smart intelligent funny and has guts to tell the truth. She is the most lovable person on the earth.
Jared: Have u seen her she is so Haylin
by 7R3V_BAS3BALL June 01, 2017
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