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A Hayen
Very outgoing, pretty, kind, and most of all the liked one out of others. This girl has more than kindness, she has a blessed and beautiful life. She is liked by everyone and never gives up. You are a lucky person to have her around.
-How are you so goregous, stop being such a Hayen
by Cassie Millerson June 03, 2018
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a girl who is very outgoing, she hates the compliments people give her about herself. She always will be the person that always becomes the β€œgood” one in the bad situations. She is very pretty and a good role model for others.
β€œstop being such a hayen.” -Gretchen
by Cassie Millerson January 25, 2018
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a person who is spe-lling chal-lenged... "spelchal"
"write a definition for hayen."
"i dunno, register and sumbit a definition."
"yes... im such a hayen."
by gretchen February 28, 2005
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