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THE most annoying announcer, not just in baseball but in all of sports. Has coined some catchphrases so lame that they would even embarrass that fool Stuart Scott. Phrases such as "grab some bench" and "he gone". Wow, what a wordsmith you are, "Hawk". Gee Hawk, why don't you tell us about your awesome .239 career batting average, and how you gave up baseball to be a failure as a professional golfer.
Hawk Harrelson sucks so bad that he could be on ESPN.
by The Slow Kid September 21, 2007
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A homer of an announcer who would immediately complain on close calls against the White Sox by umpiring crews but says "thank you very much" towards blown calls in favor of the Sox.

Other "Hawk" Quotes
*Duck snort
*Duck fart

And the classic fan interference call...
*Never seen anything like that in my whole career, as a player coming up from Little League, to D-ball, to C-ball, to A-ball, to Triple-A, to the big leagues, never seen that. Well you still got three guys on the bases, they already called two of them out. … This is absolutely B.S…..Dadgum right this game’s gonna be played under protest. (6/24/07 vs Cubs – after double-play was reversed by the umpires after an interference call. The entire rant he would never mention the fact that Juan Uribe was in the direct path of Mark Derosa)
Hawk Harrelson: I just love when he goes back door
DJ: ...
by Liuetenant Dante Sitwell October 25, 2008
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The Chicago White Sox TV Announcer. He IS the greatest baseball announcer out there. He is legendary for his calls of , "You can put it on the board-YES!", "He Gone!" and "Ducksnort"
"Konerko hits it deep. stretch. He looks up, YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD-YES!!!!"

HE GONE! Thats the 12th strikeout for Mark Buehrle."
by R.W. April 23, 2005
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