The person loves themselves that much, they are so up themselves that if they had a round of toast they would definitely spread themselves on it. They are loving themselves sick.
'look at her over there, she is definitely having herself on toast'

'you're having yourself on toast ain't ya'
by Dr Toast March 25, 2012
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Fairly ambiguous and is often open to debate on it's correct application.
Historically it has been used to politely ask someone at, say, a formal dinner, if they have farted or indeed, have actually shat their smalls. The use of "have I" helping to ease the embarrasement of the situation.
"excuse me, would you pass the gravy"

"certainly, my pleasure"

(sudden smell of shit is apparant)

"pardon me, but shit yourself, have I?"
by ANNA! April 05, 2020
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