Lake Havasu, Arizona. A wide spot in the Colorado River used for recreational water activities. Certain areas are known for outrageous, over-the-top, orgy-like partying.
You wouldn't believe what was going on at the sand bar in Havasu.
by JS January 17, 2004
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Located in desolate Arizona on the Colorado River on the border of Arizona and California. Yes there is water. Havasuvians share many qualities such as alcoholism, drug addictions, STD's, slutting around, and have a lack of motivation. Rumor has it that its the water. Its actually a really fun place to party.
That Lake Havasu City girl is a crazy bitch.

I got so drunk in Lake Havasu City.
by michdini13 July 5, 2008
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A pink school, divided into several halls. And divided by ethinicity as well. Take "The Statue" for example. Have you seen the dudes who chill there after school? wearing the fake Loc sunglasses, baggy jeans, slicked back hair, cheesy mostache, and calling each other "Gueys", for real yall act like you fresh outta mexico, yall whack.

Then theres the white dudes. Them dudes like to have trucks other dudes do, such as Toyota Tacoma's Ford Ranger or s-10's, lift it, and take out the tailgates. Why is this i have no idea.

The girls, usually date white dudes with spy or dragon sunglasses, dickies, low vocabulary, and trucks. They usually have blond hair, with black underneath, or just black hair. Bitch about other girls hair, or shoes or clothes. Bitch about each other, and just bitch. The junior class for example aint nothin but a bunch of trick a## bitche2, on the real. dont fucks with that. I done heard many a story bout them little girls lemme tell ya. STDs all up in them nasty b's.

The newjack,scene,emo, wanna be hardcore but aint never gon' get it type'a kids. Yall wack. For real. wearing all black , super long ass hair and wearing the pants super tight, this the desert hell wrong with yall. You think your cool huh? putting your hair in a sway and wearing a Devil Wears Prada t shirt? Go to a real hardcore show and get ya ass smacked.

lastly, The only cool kids is the mexicans or blacks, we run this mufuckA. Real talk, roll in packs. But what is the deal with yall wearing the red vans? Yall taking each other swags. Or better yet the dude who started it all. That one fly ass funky fresh G, asian sunbitch.

yup,yup pretty much sums it up.
jamal-yo whatup you just got enrolled at this school?

tyson-Word up cuz, yo why all these girls look the same? no uniqueness up in this bitch or what?

jamal-welcome to Lake Havasu High School.
by funkyfreshgtothepowerofthree August 27, 2009
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When a girl gives you head while you are sick so you are constantly spewing from both ends and some of it gets in her hair and you use the mix as lube,this move was invented during Memorial Day in lake havasu Arizona
Dude I ate something bad last night but Stacey still gave me the havasu mudslide
by Lord O'Pimps June 4, 2016
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